In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
From Illinois to the Pacific
Sept. 13 - 30, 2015

Daily Reports

Each year some of the participants give daily reports of mileage, rivers, and on/off the bus. This emulates Lewis and Clark reporting and also gives a routine and a little shape to our day. Over the years we have had some very creative reporters, but this year tops them all. Maggie, the river reporter, reported many more rivers than ever before, maybe even exceeding Lewis and Clark. She also played her violin for us, the first time we have had live music in 15 years. Our mileage reporter, math teacher Mary,  gave us a little math problem to solve each day to get the mileage. Even if we didn't always get the math it was always fun. And Rochelle escalated the on/offs to the highest level ever. In the past it has been just the number of group on/offs (about 226), but Rochele multiplied by the total number of participants, and kept track of extras during the day, etc. You'll be surprised.

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