In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
From Illinois to the Pacific
June 19 - July 6, 2016

109 miles today -- Day 2, June 20: St. Louis Arch, Camp Wood, and St. Charles -- 109 miles total

The Arch is all torn up for renovation. the idea is to have a park all the from the river to the iconic Old Courthouse. This is a comparison of the progress made from July 26, 2015 to June 20, 2016. The highway is covered and part of the park is already made. Cool!!

As we do every year we raise our 15 star, 15 stripe flag over the Camp Dubois interpretive center. We sing Yankee Doodle, which was a defacto national anthem during the revolution. Even today  it is the state anthem of Connecticut.

entering the interpretive center.

The major exhibit in the Camp Dubois interpretive center is this full size replica of the keelboat.
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Group at the cnfluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. The Missouri comes in from the top, abut a third of the way from the right. About nine days from now will get another group at the beginning of the Missouri River, by name.

A talk and movie at the St. Charles Boat House. This is where the replica boats of The Discovery Expedition of St. Charles are kept. This is the group which made a full scale reenactment between 2003 and 2006.

St. Charles to St. Louis Day Route Map
St. Charles Community College Evening Route Map