In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
From Illinois to the Pacific
June 19 - July 6, 2016

1562 - Day 9, June 27:  Medora, ND to Billings, MT  +287 = 1849

Lunch above the Yellowstone River

Our only interpretive spot of the day was at Pompeys Pillar. I was actually named Pompys Tower by Clark, in honor of the baby Jean Baptiste Charbonneau. Nicholas Biddle, first condenser of the journals changed it.

We first get a talk from Ranger Sunni

Then climb 100 stairs to see the signature Clark carved here on July 25, 1806 on the return journey.

This is where Clark, on the return, carved his signature in the rock on July 25, 1806.

a second level for viewing

Our flag has reached the top, so we must follow.

The last leg. I think I can, I think I can......

Hooray, I madeit

The view from the top is truly spectacular.

Medora, ND to Billings, MT