In the Footsteps of Lewis and Clark
 From Illinois to the Pacific
June 19 - July 6, 2016

Statistical Reports
Mileage * On - Off * RiversBirds * Flora
Each year on our Lewis and Clark Road Scholars Tour we try to emulate the Corps of Discovery. We carry the  15 star,  15 stripe flag they carried, and raise it at many significant places including the three forts they built. We hand out Mardi Gras beads as rewards for anything that helps the morale of the group – good jokes, bad jokes, helping with baggage and / or picnic lunches, random acts of kindness, and helping others. Whatever happens we relate to the expedition
Following in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark - June 19 - July 6, 2016
Mileage Log by Dave Priest
Day Trip Date Miles Total IL MO KS IA NE SD ND MT ID WA OR
1 Orientation- No travel 6/19/2016 0 0                      
2 St. Charles, MO local 6/20/2016 94 94 19 75                  
3 St. Charles, MO - Independence, MO 6/21/2016 240 334   240                  
4 Independence, MO - Council Bluffs, IA 6/22/2016 258 592   139 2 46 71            
5 Council Bluffs, IA - Yankton, SD 6/23/2016 192 784       124   68          
6 Yankton, SD - Pierre, SD 6/24/2016 275 1059           275          
7 Pierre, SD - Bismarck, ND 6/25/2016 257 1316           157 100        
8 Bismarck, ND - Medora, ND 6/26/2016 215 1531             215        
9 Medora, ND - Billings, MT 6/27/2016 284 1815             27 257      
10 Billings, MT - Helena, MT 6/28/2016 252 2067               252      
11 Helena, MT - Great Falls, MT 6/29/2016 123 2190               123      
12 Great Falls, MT local 6/30/2016 138 2328               138      
13 Great Falls, MT - Missoula, MT 7/1/2016 209 2537               209      
14 Missoula, MT - Lewiston, ID 7/2/2016 233 2770               55 178    
15 Lewiston. ID - Hood River, OR 7/3/2016 311 3081                 3 150 158
16 Hood River, OR - Astoria, OR 7/4/2016 214 3295                   151 63
17 Astoria, OR - Portland, OR 7/5/2016 112 3407                   45 67
          19 454 2 170 71 500 342 1034 181 346 288

On - Off the Bus, by Don Johnson
On-Off Reports Lewis and Clark Trip
June 19 – July 6, 2016

Day 2 – Monday, June 20
It’s on and off and on and off
The reasons never end
We might be going for a photo shoot
Or to see where the rivers bend

Other times we’re going to see history
But let’s us all face it
It’s not really a mystery
We must not forget about Lewis and Clark
That’s why we’re here – and we’re not out on a lark

 But what we’re really supposed to do
Is the same thing as going to the zoo
So it’s up and down and up and down
To see these things of great renown

 Yesterday the count was nine
And most of us would say that’s just fine
Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see
Day 2: 9 Stops, total  9

Day 3 – Tuesday, June 21
So here we are going again
It’s at the point where we never ask when
Yesterday we started watching the clock
But before we knew it we were in Arrow Rock

First it was off to see the artifacts
Then to the picnic to eat and relax
Then we were headed for Ft. Osage
Sounds as if we were just turning the page

 From there it was off to Independence
There else are they going to send us?
While passing many, many truck stops
We finally got to where the buck stops

Harry was president through a difficult period
The memories we have make up a myriad 

Yesterday the count was six
So now we can put that in the mix
Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.
Day 3, 6 Stops, total 15

Day 4 – Wednesday, June 22
Here we go again getting on and off
We’re either going to see things or going to the trough
One high point yesterday was seeing Kaw Point
It was interesting to see where the rivers form a joint

 We thought that Ft. Atkinson was really neat
Building that fort must have been quite a feat
The dinner at night was delightful at Tishes
And Gary’s presentation that followed exceeded our wishes

 Yesterday the count was nine and no more
But it now brings the total to twenty-four
Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Day 4: 9 Stops, total  24

Day 5 – Thursday, June 23
This may be getting a little bit old
And yet the story must be told

A highlight yesterday was the keel boat ride
Of course we had no worry about a tide
From there we learned about Sgt. Floyd
The illness be had was hard to avoid

The final stop was a bit of surprise
There was just no way which we could surmise
The trek to the top of Spirit Mound
Was actually better than they made it sound

 Yesterday the count was six
The total’s now thirty if you add it to the mix
Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Day 5: 6 Stops, total  30

Day 6 – Friday, June 24
Today’s report will be quite brief
So relax as you breathe a sigh of relief

At Fort Randall and casino we should be thankful
That we didn’t help to make their bank full

In Chamberlain, Lilly Park and Pierre
We learned of the struggles that took place there
The Lakota museum and school were really set apart
The struggles they even have today are enough to break your heart

Yesterday the count was six
That brings the total to thirty-six
Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Day 6: 7 Stops, total  36

Day 7 – Saturday, June 25
From South Dakota to North Dakota, we got there
All the way to Bismarck from Pierre
North Dakota is known as the legendary state
Until 1889 they didn’t even know their fate

Yesterday we saw a lot of gambling
Most of us spent our time ambling
However, some really hit the peg
And among them was our friend Greg

The visit to Fort Lincoln
Really got us thinkin’
And the home of General Custer
Certainly passed muster

We saw the monuments to Sitting Bull and Sacagawea
And going there was a great idea

Yesterday’s count of six we can add to the stew
That brings the total to forty-two
Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.
Day 7: 6 Stops, total  42

Day 8 – Sunday, June 26
The on and off is getting routine
But there’s never a question of what it will mean
Learning at the center and Fort Mandan was just as intended
In some cases we wished that our stay was extended

At Knife River Village we hiked in the wind
Some may have had intentions they would have liked to rescind
The last stop was the canyon view in Teddy’s Park
We all would agree that it really hit the mark

Yesterday’s count was six again
And the total to date is forty-eight
Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Day 8: 6 Stops, total  48


Day 9 – Monday, June 27
Our trip yesterday covered a lot of miles
But with Tom and Mary Ellen’s teaching we kept our smiles
We were kindly treated to the bars called Dilley
After eating a meal before, we felt kind of silly

At Pompey’s Pillar we walked to the top
And many were thankful for places to stop

Yesterday the count took a slight dive
By the time we it had only reached five
That brings the total to fifty-three
But everyone knows that were still not home free

Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Day 9: 5 Stops, total  53

Day 10 – Tuesday, June 28
I keep trying to make these reports quick
And make every effort not to make you sick

Yesterday we saw three rivers come together
It was something like those birds of a feather
Tom and Steve performed a skit
And just as before, it was a hit

Next we climbed to the top of the rock
And nobody tried to beat the clock
The stop in Wheat was really neat
But most of us needed no more to eat

Yesterday again the count was six
That seems to be a number that really clicks
That brings the total to fifty-nine
For now that number will have to be fine

Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see.

Day 10: 6 Stops, total  59

Day 11 – Wednesday, June 29
The trip to Great Falls was a beautiful drive
It was the kind of trip for which we strive
The tour of the capital was filled with history
After our visit there was a whole lot less mystery

With the cruise on the boat we saw beautiful scenery
The cliffs were spectacular and so was the greenery
Going to the buffalo jump had us kind of wary
But hearing about the runner was what really sounded scary

Yesterday the count was back to five
It’s been there before so we’ll survive
That brings the total to sixty-four
It just keeps increasing more and more

Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see

Day 11: 5 Stops, total  64

Day 12 – Thursday, June 30
Yesterday we covered a whole lot of ground
Not in miles, but in sites that were found
We saw the point of a major decision
Two rivers converged at a point of division

We viewed the great falls of which there was no shortage
That might have had something to do with the decision to portage

Yesterday the count went to eight
Some might have thought that’s really not great
The total now goes to seventy-two
That certainly is a lot more than a few

Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see

Day 12: 8 Stops, total  72

Day 13 – Friday,, July 1
The great falls of Montana are now in our past
It was sad to go by as we looked at the last
But on to the high point to see the great center
Besides the exhibits there were docents to mentor

At Rogers Pass we crossed the divide
And many photo opps it did provide
In Lincoln we bid George adieu
Of people with local knowledge, George is among the few

The count yesterday was back to six
Again we’ll just add that to the mix
The total to date now is seventy eight
And each day ahead will put more on our plate

Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see

Day 13: 6 Stops, total 78

Day 14 – Saturday, July 2
Yesterday’s drive was beautiful but we have to mention
With the road as it was, we’re thankful Greg paid attention

Traveler’s Rest was among the best
And the Nez Perce history was as good as the rest
Losing that hour made it a long day
When we reached the hotel we were ready to stay

Yesterday’s on offs set a record at ten
If we’ve ever approached it, I don’t know when
The total has now reached eight-eight
That number is becoming increasing great

(all together now)
Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see

Day 14: 10 Stops, total 88

Day 15 – Sunday, July 3
Yesterday from Idaho we first went to Washington
And then from there we ended up in Oregon
The drive again was an interesting trip
At this point you wouldn’t expect anything to flip

We saw the confluence of the Columbia and Snake
Taking in the view certainly kept us awake

Driving the Columbia we saw silhouettes and Hat Rock
These are some other memories to keep in our sock
We heard about the Ring of Fire and viewed Mt. Hood
Someday seeing the other mounts is something we should

Yesterday’s count of seven was in the range
It’s really not that much of a change
The total now goes to ninety-five
It really think we can survive

Today who knows what the count will be
So it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see

Day 15: 7 Stops, total 95

Day 16 – Monday, July 4
Yesterday’s drive first passed Cascade Locks
By then we had hardly started our clocks
Multnomah Falls was the site of the day
We wouldn’t have minded extending our stay

The skits and readings of which there were several
We certainly bought into them “Lock stock and barrel”
At the end of the day we reached the Cape and the ocean
Since that was our goal it brought lots of emotion

The count for the day tied our record of ten
If we are ever to exceed it, I don’t know when
On top of that a milestone was achieved
Perhaps some medals should have been received

The total now is one hundred and five
As I said before, I think we’ll survive
Today who knows what the count will be

But who really cares because we’ll be home free


Day 16: 10 Stops, total 105

Day 17 – Tuesday, July 5
We started our day at Astoria column
For those who climbed it must have been solemn
Then it was off to Ft. Clatsop and heard
About all the hardships that were endured
Then off to Portland and here we are
From where we started, we have come afar

As we get home and unpack our bags
And throw away half of our brochures and mags
We’ll get out our dirty laundry and start the machine
We’ll wonder if this stuff was ever clean
As we read our mail and pay our bills
We may get that feeling of painful ills

After all that we’ll sit back and reflect
The sights and experiences we will resurrect
On following the travels of Lewis and Clark
After all, that was the trip on which we did embark

Our travel through eleven states from Illinois to Oregon
The on again off again we always heard that song again

With Tom and Mary Ellen giving us lessons to learn
We’ve now learned so much we have knowledge to burn
With Roger’s organization skills keeping us on track
There was just no way we could turn back
And we were thankful to have Greg at the wheel
As drivers go, Greg was a steal

And finally the group of travelers we met
You could never find a better set
So as we bid each other goodbye

Consider an occasional contact – don’t be shy
So here we are with today’s count of four
And as you know there’ll be no more
And with the total of one-o-nine
We can be assured that that’s just fine

Day 17: 4 Stops, total 109

River & Creek Encounters
Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery 2016
submitted by Squaw Counting Rivers with help from everyone on the bus
Day 1: Sunday June 19, 2016 gather in St. Charles Missouri


Day 2: Monday June 20, 2016
St. Charles, Missouri to Camp Wood, Illinois
Missouri River
* confluence #1 Missouri & Mississippi
Mississippi times 2
Missouri river today 2
Missouri R. Trip total 2
Daily Rivers total 4, Total Rivers to date 4
1st Confluence 1

Day 3: Tuesday June 21, 2016
St. Charles, Missouri to Independence, Missouri
Missouri River
Lamine River
Fire Prairie Creek
Missouri River today 1
Missouri R trip total 3
Daily river total 3Total rivers to date 7

Day 4: Wednesday June 22, 2016
Independence, Missouri to Council Bluffs, Iowa

Kansas (or Kaw) River times 2
* confluence #2 Missouri & Kansas River
Missouri River
Little Platte River
Nodaway River
Nishnabotna River
Missouri River
Platte River
Missouri times 3
Missouri river today 5, Total Missouri to date 8
Daily Rivers total 11, Total rivers to date 18
2nd Confluence


Day 5: Thursday June 23, 2016
Council Bluffs, Iowa to Yankton, South Dakota

Boyer River
Soldier River
Little Sioux River
Floyd River
Big Sioux River
Whitestone Creek (or Vermillion River) 3 times
James River
Missouri today 0, Total Missouri to date 8
Rivers today 9, Total Rivers to date 27
Total confluences = 2


Day 6: Friday June 24, 2016
Yankton, South Dakota to Pierre, South Dakota

Choteau Creek times 2
Missouri River times 2 (Ft. Randall Dam)
American Creek
Missouri River (one cross but in three pieces, Big Bend Dam)
Medicine Creek
Cedar Creek
*3rd Confluence: Bad River & Missouri river
Bad River
Missouri River
Missouri river today 4, Total Missouri to date 12
Rivers today 10, Total Rivers crossed to date 37
Total Confluences = 3

Day 7: Saturday June 25, 2016
Pierre, South Dakota to Bismarck, North Dakota

Missouri River
Grand River (Lake Oahe)
Cannonball River
Heart River
Missouri River
Missouri River today 2, Total Missouri to date 14
Rivers today 5, Total Rivers crossed to date 42
Total Confluences = 3

Day 8: Sunday June 26, 2016
Bismarck, North Dakota to Medora, North Dakota

we all take Indian names and decide to include
 all river encounters on the list)
Painted Woods Creek
Missouri River
Knife River "encounter"
Green River
Little Missouri 2 (those who went to the Medora show)
Missouri River today 1, Total Missouri River to date 15
River encounters today 6, Total rivers to date 48
Total Confluences = 3

Day 9: Monday June 27, 2016
Medora, North Dakota to Billings, Montana

Little Missouri
Beaver Creek
Glendale Creek
Yellowstone River times 2
Fallon Creek
Powder River
Tongue River
Rosebud Creek
Big Horn River
Yellowstone times 2 at Pompey’s Pillar
Missouri River today 0, Total Missouri to date 15
River encounters today 12, Total rivers to date 60
Total Confluences = 3

Day 10: Tuesday June 28, 2016
Billings, Montana to Helena, Montana

Yellowstone River
Bridger Creek
Sweetgrass Creek
Boulder River
Yellowstone River (final cross)
Gallatin River 3 times
* 4th confluence: Gallatin & Missouri
* 5th confluence: Madison & Jefferson to become the Missouri
Madison River
Jefferson River
Missouri River
Deep Creek
Missouri River
Prickly pear creek
Missouri River today 2, Total Missouri to date 17
Rivers today 14, Total River encounters to date 74
4th and 5th confluences
Total Confluences =

Day 11: Wednesday June 29, 2016
Helena, Montana to Great Falls, Montana

Ten Mile Creek
Gates of the Mountains Missouri River (boat ride, Tom says we can count 2)
Little Prickly Pear Creek
Missouri River
Stickney Creek
Dearborn River
Missouri River
*6th confluence Missouri & Dearborn
Missouri times 4
Hardy Creek
Missouri R today 8, Total Missouri to date 25
River encounters today 13, Total Rivers to date 87
6th confluence
Total Confluences =


Day 12: Thursday June 30, 2016
Great Falls, Montana

Sun (Medicine) River
*7th confluence: Marias & Missouri Rivers
Marias River
Teton (Rose or Tansey) River
*8th confluence Teton & Marias Rivers
Marias River
Missouri River @ Ft. Benton
Missouri outside Ft. Benton
Missouri @ Ryan Dam
Missouri River
Missouri R at upper portage
Missouri River
Sun (Medicine) River
*9th confluence Missouri & Medicine Rivers
Missouri River today 6, Total Missouri 31
Rivers today 12, Total rivers to date 98
7th and 8th and 9th confluences
Total Confluences = 9


Day 13, Friday July 1, 2016
Great Falls, Montana to Missoula, Montana
(a very agreeable day in which we say goodbye
 to the Muddy Missouri)

Sun River
Missouri River
Missouri River at Coulter Dam Rainbow Falls
Roe River (smallest river!)
Missouri River @ Black Eagle Dam
Sun (Medicine) River
Missouri (Final crossing)
Sun (Medicine) River
Muddy Creek
Sun (Medicine) River
Dearborn River times 2
Missouri today 4, Final Missouri River 35
Eastern Rivers 110
Eastern Confluences = 9

Alice Creek
Landers Fork
Beaver Creek
N. Fork Blackfoot River
Seaman’s River
Clearwater River
Blackfoot River times 4
Clark Fork River times 2
Grant’s Creek at our hotel
Rivers today 25, Rivers to date 123
Eastern Confluences 9, Western 0, Total 9

Day 14: Saturday July 2, 2016, Missoula, Montana to Lewiston, Idaho
"A Hai EE!" I am much pleased. most crossings in one day)

Clarkfork River
Bitterroot River times 2
Lolo Creek @ Traveler’s Rest times 2
Graves Creek
Howard Creek (we hiked along side)
Glade Creek (Roger bestrode this source of the mighty Columbia River)
Crooked Fork Creek
Grove Creek
Rock meadow Creek
Lochsa River
Hard Creek
Boulder Creek
Fish Creek
Shoestring Falls Creek
Old Man creek
Split Creek
Fire Creek
Tick Creek
Coolwater Creek
Deadman Creek
Glade Creek
Apgar Creek
Cannon Creek
Hellgate Creek
Handy Creek

Rye Patch Creek
Pete King Creek
Lowell Creek
Selway River
*10th confluence (1st west): Selway and Lochsa
 form Middle Fork of the Clearwater River
Bridge Creek
Two shadows Creek
Syringe Creek
Big Smith Creek
Smith Creek
Swan Creek
Sutter Creek
Maggie Creek
* 11th confluence: South and Middle Forks
  form Clearwater River
Clearwater River
Six Mile Creek
Five Mile Creek
*12th confluence: North Fork of Clearwater confluence
 with Clearwater at Dvorak Dam
Cottonwood creek
Clearwater River times 4
Rivers today 48, Rivers to date 171
Eastern confluences 9, West 3, Total 12

Day 15 Sunday July 3, 2016
Lewiston, Idaho to Hood River, Oregon

Clearwater River
Snake River
* 13th confluence: Clearwater and Snake Rivers
Snake river
Alpowa Creek
Stember Creek
Path Creek
Tucannon Creek
Patit Creek times 2
Touchet Creek times 2
unnamed creek in Waitsburg
Touchet River
Snake river
*14th confluence: Snake and Columbia Rivers
Columbia River
Snake River (Final)
Walla Walla River
Hat Rock Creek
Umatilla River
Willow Creek
John Day River
*15th confluence: John Day and Columbia Rivers
Deschutes River
Chenoweth Creek
Columbia River 4
Rivers today 24, Rivers to date 195
9 East + 6 West for 15 confluences


Day 16, Monday July 4, 2016
Hood River to Astoria, Oregon
O! The joy! Ocian in view!

Miffed Creek
McCord Creek
Multnomah Falls
Eagle Creek
Sandy River
Columbia River times 2
East Fork Lewis River
Lewis River
Kalama River
Colwitz River
*16th Confluence Cowlitz and Columbia Rivers
Germany Creek
Abernathy Creek
Mill Creek
Elochoman Creek
Skamokawa Creek
West Valley Creek
Gray’s River
Hull Creek
Deep River
Salmon Creek
Nacelle River
Palla Creek
Davis Creek
Bean Creek
Clark’s little stream
Chinook river
*17th confluence: Chinook and Columbia Rivers
Wallacut River
*18th confluence: Columbia River and Pacific Ocean
Chinook River
Columbia today 4, Columbia to date 8
Rivers today 30, Rivers to date 225
9 East, 9 West confluences for 18 Total
1 Ocean

Day 17 July 5, 2016
Astoria, Oregon to Portland, Oregon

Columbia River (Young’s Bay)
Lewis & Clark (Netul) River
Columbia River
John Day River (a different John Day River)
Ferris Creek
Big Creek
Valley Creek
Gnat Creek
Plympton Creek
Clatskanie River
Lost Creek
Beaver Creek
Columbia River
Cowlitz River
Kalama River
Lewis River
East Fork Lewis River
Columbia River
Columbia 4, Total Columbia 12
Rivers today 19, Rivers to date 246
9 East, 9 West confluences for 18 Total


In The Footsteps of Lewis & Clark
Corps of Discovery 2016
June 19 to July 5, 2016

Trip Summary
Total Rivers crossed or encountered 246
Eastern Rivers 111
Western Rivers 135
Missouri River 35
Columbia River 12
Confluences 18


Bird Sightings, in no particular order
by Allan Pristoop
Allan reports 56 different species of birds seen.

Robin, Bald Eagle, Red-Winged Blackbird, House Sparrow, Mockingbird, Grebe, Wood Duck, Turkey, Redhead Duck, Northern Cardinals, 4 Hawks, Blue Jay, Swallows @ Kansas River, Robins, Red-Headed Woodpecker, 3 more Blue Jays, Canada Geese, Crows, Downy Woodpecker, Whipoorwill, Lewis’ Woodpecker, Great Blue Heron, Oriole, Barn Swallows, Purple Grackles, Robins, Goldfinch, Wild turkey, Buzzards, Northern Harrier, Ring Necked Pheasant, Northern Harrier, Seagulls, Kildeer, Canada Geese, Heron, Bald Eagle, Red –winged Blackbird, White-throated Sparrow, White Pelicans, Solitary Vireo, Brewer’s Blackbird, Little Blue Heron, Swans in Missouri R., Bald Eagle, Magpies, Bald Eagle, Cliff Swallows, Merganser Duck, White Pelican, Osprey, Gold Finch, Western Meadowlark,  Canada Geese, Robins, Bullock’s Oriole, Loon, White Pelicans, Cliff Swallows, Grackles, Grey Catbird, Mountain Bluebird, Ruby throated Hummingbird, Sparrows, Cormorants, Terns, Loon, Sea Gulls, Sparrows, Canada Geese, Kihiwake, Osprey

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